MySay is a hosted platform for ISVs and device manufacturers looking to add instant communication capabilities to their products.

Partner Ready

MySay is a cloud service for instant communication. We provide white-label solutions to leading brand where it can be quickly deployed as a standalone branded service, customized or integrated with existing solutions. We have a flexible partner model - we work with ISVs to provide standalone messaging solutions or integrate with existing applications. APIs allow integration with other solutions like Work Tracking and Fleet Management.

Device manaufacturers can turn their devices into cloud connected devices for instant communication. We have experience developing cloud services for Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy connected devices: adding messaging, real- time connection to the cloud and voice capabilities focused on convenience and safety.

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PTT and Instant Communication

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MySay provides lightweight, instant communication for individuals and teams.

It's real-time so your message is heard immediately as you speak. But if the recipient isn't available, the message is stored and they'll hear it when they become available.

  • MySay supports more than just Push to Talk. It also includes multimedia messaging - Text, Photo, Location and custom defined message types.
  • A full communication history is maintained if required. Ideal for enterprise tracking and control, and to allow users to listen back to previous messages.

Safety - wearables and handsfree

MySay integrates with industry grade handsfree and wearable devices from leading manufacturers.

With a supported accessory from one of our hardware partners, users can just press a button on the headset or speaker phone and talk - there's no need to hold or look at the smartphone. A truly eyes-free and safe experience.
And for incoming communication, Background Mode allows automatic playing of incoming messages from selected users, dispatchers or channels.

For device manufacturers, MySay turns wearables and handsfree devices into smart cloud-connected messaging devices. Custom voice commands allow for easy addition of voice recognition and text-to-speech capabilities to wearable devices.


Optional Features for enhanced contextual communication


MySay is flexible: allowing our partners to integrate a single feature (e.g. single channel Push to Talk) or multiple features to provide a fully featured, location-enabled messaging solution.

  • Web Interface - The MySay Platform provides a web interface, making it ideal for field solutions, giving office employees, managers and dispatchers an easy-to-use interface to communicate with Field Staff. Push to Talk and message directly with individual employees, teams or broadcast to large groups. For Dispatchers and team managers, inbound messages from the field are played in real-time or queued to help you co-ordinate busy teams.
  • Location - MySay's optional location tracking allows you to see where field staff are allowing you to communicate based on location and availability. This means you just communicate with the Field staff near a particular customer or incident, getting the right person to the job the quickest and avoiding wasted communication and distraction.
  • Presence can be manually set by the user or set automatically based on device context.
  • Device status - MySay's realtime capabilities provide an ideal way to share and view remote information from wearable and handsfree devices. For example battery life or on board sensor data can be stored in the cloud and remotely monitored.

Business Class

MySay Mobile SDKs run on Android and iOS.
MySay Web client runs in browsers that support the Web Audio API (e.g. Chrome, Firefox).

MySay is low latency and optimized for low data usage, running over Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G or 4G on any carrier.
All data is transmitted securely over HTTPS and all data is handled and stored using industry-standard security methodologies.
The MySay platform supports a number of security models for consumer and business use. For business use, we provide a web manager interface for administration.